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This week’s Fall Into Art Journaling Challenge is another excuse to get rooted in gratitude.

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Fall Into Art Journaling…WEEK 10!

I’ve been telling you that gratitude saved my life!  So now, let it inspire your art.  

Take a blank page from A to Z and on your art journaling page, think about what each of those letters might mean to you.  What are you grateful for starting from A all the way to Z?

Want to find yourself-

Now get out your art journal, and draw the letter you feel most grateful for today.  And if you’re feeling especially grateful, draw a few of those letters!

Dance to the Rhythm of the Universe

Today…I’m grateful for the world.

Hey – it’s your page.  Who’s to tell you what’s too cluttered for one 8 x 10 sheet in your notebook?

  • Apples
  • Broadway songs
  • Chill in the air…
  • D___ecide!  It’s up to you!

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And besides, is there such a thing as too much gratitude?

Gratitude is how we find the power in our stories:

I used my gratitude list as an essential survival skill.  Creating my gratitude list helped me remember who I was.

And once you know who you are, you can…


Read the story in Huffington Post here.

huff post essay

Read my 6th Huff Post Essay here!

I’m especially happy to share with The Huffington Post the story of “my” story because learning how to find the “story” in my journey was not just a creative venture – it was the necessary survival skill that kept my hope alive and in turn, kept me alive too!

Do you know your story?

As you read this, remember that you are the hero of your own journey, so today, start the next chapter fearlessly, bravely and like the author of your own life!

When life takes a detour, we need to reframe our lives a bit.  lucky for us, that is the power of story.  When we write our own lives, we can put it in any frame we wish. We control our destiny.

leaping tree

Where will your story take you today?

The most exciting stories take detours every now and then.  So be the Detourist in your story.

I turned my detour into the best trip ever.

And get your Detourist guide here!

I was sexually abused.My stomach exploded.I was in an coma for months.I've had 27 surgeries.I couldn't eat or drink for 6 years.

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