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Thanks to Anna Banguilan for allowing me to share the blessings of a detour with Universal Energy Radio.  

The further along we travel down our “detours”, the more able we are to realize that these pathways are not “detours” at all.

Listen to Amy’s interview on Universal Energy Radio here.

“My life didn’t go exactly as I planned it – but does anyone’s?, My stomach exploded. (Seriously.)”
Join Anna Banguilan as she talks with Amy Oestreicher, a survivor and “thriver” of nearly 30 surgeries, a coma, sexual abuse, organ failure and a decade of medical trauma, she has been challenged with moments of extreme difficulty AND as an artist, newlywed, actress, 28-year old college student, detourist and overall lover of life, she is so grateful for all of the beautiful detours in her life, which have made her who she is today.
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