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Do you want to bring the #LoveMyDetour movement to your school?


You’ve loved sharing stories about “detours” in life that you didn’t expect.

 You’ve learned about how to love your detour and turn an obstacle into the best experience of your life.

If everyone knew how to turn an unexpected “detour” into a positive, imagine the campus we’d have – a community of “detourists” sharing their journeys, reaching out, finding hope, help and resources.

A de-tour does not have to de-rail you.  Navigating our detours with resilience and trust can turn into the richest journey of our lives.

Help your friends know they’re not alone in their travels. Let’s get the campus talking about an empowered approach to mental health.  Detours are wonderful little pathways!

You realize your path is normal when you realize that nobody’s path is normal.  If we’re open about our journeys, it makes the trip that much easier.

Create a more compassionate community:

  • Support LGBT students and allies at your school here.
  • Help survivors of sexual violence on campus and learn how to be a supportive bystander here.

Let’s make college a supportive, open, detour-friendly environment. We’re stronger together.

I can come to you!


Make a change on campus! Start a Student Detourist Group – learn more here!

What am I bringing?

Learn about my performance, program and workshops here.

You’ll get to share your story on campus and hear a story of survival...musical theatre style.

How do you bring me to campus?

It’s easy.  Speak up!

Who can you send this to?

  • your student government president
  • your student activities board
  • campus life staff
  • Counseling Services/Wellness Center
  • special events team
  • NAMI, Active Minds of Health-Related  Student Organization
  • Student Theatre group or Theatre Faculty member
  • Greek Life
  • Enough friends to cause a commotion!
“Bring Gutless & Grateful to campus!Empowered approach to wellness with Mental Health Advocacy & Broadway Theatre” (Click to tweet!)

Or send me a note and tell me where you are!

Let’s bring out the detours that unite us all.  Go on, share this link!

Traveling as a detourist can be tough. A detour is not a free ride, but it is a thrilling one.  When the road gets rocky, the important thing to know us that we’re not alone. 

 As we travel, we see that our detours are not detours at all.  Every road leads somewhere – we just need to hang in long enough to catch the flowers along the way. The more we share our detours, the more we realize we’re not alone. 

So consider this a field trip, Detourists and start sharing your travels.  Together we’re stronger! 


Send me a note!

If life's taken you down an unexpected path, you're a Detourist

I love my detour. Now tell me why you love yours.

Copy and paste this in an e-mail to bring Gutless & Grateful to your campus!

Hi _____,

I hope you’re well.   I am a student here at [name of your college] and I’d like to bring this mental health advocacy program to campus:

Amy Oestreicher is a PTSD peer-peer specialist, artist, author, writer for The Huffington Post, award-winning founder of the Fearless Ostomates, and NYC-based actress and playwright.

According to a 2011 NAMI study,  64% of college dropouts were for mental health-related reasons.  Of those, 50% never accessed any mental health programs or services.

This program is a keynote that combines Broadway theatre and mental health advocacy.  The program is meant for colleges and universities to promote mental health, providing hope, help, and saving lives.

This is the description:

This is an easy program to put on—a 90 minute, 3 component keynote/program:

Part 1) A 70-minute one-woman autobiographical musical – Gutless & Grateful – a comedic yet poignant story on surviving 27 stomach surgeries, organ failure and sexual abuse. Through interwoven song and dialogue, Amy shares a primal piece of live-storytelling – a powerful message that it’s possible for students to overcome physical and mental health obstacles.

Part 2) An educational session/speech where Amy discusses an empowered approach to mental health, how to develop a resiliency toolbox, how to cultivate hope, and how to thrive in college with a physical or mental health condition.

Part 3) A Q&A session to introduce students to staff counselors and wellness resources on campus.

The program can also be followed by a more intimate, interactive workshop which allows students to connect and process the material through creative expression.

You can see clips of Gutless & Grateful, learning objectives/key themes, student testimonials/press quotes and a booking history at this link:

You can also learn more about the program in the Gutless and Grateful Facilitator Guide.

I’d love to see this program on campus.  You can contact Amy directly at  Thank you!



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