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Who doesn’t like to travel?


“Finding My Way Home” Mixed Media Gallery

I performed Gutless & Grateful in Denver, and I must say, I didn’t want to leave!  What an amazing place!  Besides getting to share my story with a whole new audience, and being on stage doing what I LOVE, these were the 10 biggest highlights of Denver in two days:

1.) The ridiculously fresh produce at Whole Foods – talk about local!

3.) The exotic art galleries and boutiques in Cherry Creek.

3.) Speaking of shopping in Cherry Creek...if you stop at Cherry Creek Mall, you’ll never want to leave.  VERY dangerous that my hotel was literally across the street.


4.) Getting to perform at the beautiful historic Eisenhower Chapel.

And me being silly running around rehearsing…

5.) Being magnetically drawn back to the Cherry Creek Mall in between rehearsal and looking at snarky calendars…

at Urban Outfitters – why aren’t my brothers in this calendar by the way???

Nice Jewish Guys…

(I think they’re perfectly eligible)


Brothers at tusk

My adorable brothers at my art show at Tusk & Cup Fine Coffee!

6.) Rehearsing lines while ordering some late-night room service.

Oh, theatre life


7.) Supporting an amazing cause.  The Eating Recovery Foundation does tremendous work for supporting those with eating disorders, and considering I didn’t have a digestive system for years, I REALLY appreciate anything that supports keeping the hunger alive in all of us!

8.) Speaking of food, getting to eat a huge steak dinner at Elways after the show and checking out exotic menu options like “Crab Cakes & Steak Cakes” and…Chicken Fried Lobster???!!!!

9.) And about that steak dinner thing.…yum.

To quote a line from my show, “I wanted spiritual fulfillment, but I’d give that up in a heartbeat for a hunk a’ steak!”

9.)  Gettin’ my hair did and makeup for the show – who doesn’t love meeting someone new at the hair salon form across the country?  Maybe it’s a girl-thing…

I am very superstitious with my red garb – MUST wear red before, during and after a performance!

10.) Arriving at the airport, apparently on National Cat Day and being welcomed to Denver by a huge Cat Day Event – go figure!  There were WAY too many puns involved.

The more you travel, the more your world expands.

Have you taken a trip that taught you something new about yourself?

breathe take

A picture from my Inspiration Gallery

This was an amazing experience, like every other time I’ve performed Gutless & Grateful so far.  Check out some of my favorite highlights from exactly THREE years of the little show that could.

Sometimes I feel like things happ—

Alright, I get it.

But you know what – as I say in my show, you make things happen for a reason.  Had I not gotten sick, this show would have never been.  A whole audience would have never been inspired by the girl who learned to thrive because she couldn’t think of any other way to be.

Check out some photo-highlights from the event here!

The awesome part now, is I get to travel to different part of the country, be exposed to things I never would have known about, support causes I didn’t even know existed, and take my life in an unforeseen direction.

(You might call that…a DETOUR.)


Send me a picture for the #LoveMyDetour Gallery!

Once you’re a Detourist, you’re hooked on traveling that twisted route.  You realize that the more your swerve, the richer your life becomes.

And now, my detour is landing me right back in Connecticut…

Yes, these are three TURKEYS on my block. They always come out this time of year…ironically…#TurkeyDay.

But not for long.

I’ll be performing Gutless & Grateful at my own college – HAMPSHIRE in Massachusetts,  on November 11th, and from there, who knows…

I’ll just see where my detour leads me next.

Where can you travel today?

Where have you gone recently that exposed you to something completely new?  (Like chicken fried lobster!)

I turned my detour into the best trip ever.

Keep traveling no matter what detours branch from that path.  Remember – you’re a detourist.  Find out how you can get involved with #LoveMyDetour here and students have their own special detour assignment!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
― Augustine of Hippo

Share your detour HERE and tell me your favorite travel memory!

Gutless & Grateful is SUPER easy to come to you.  All you have to do is read about it here and send me a note. We’ll chat about the rest!

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