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“What would you tell your sister if she wanted to start an online business?” 

A bevy of amazing women come together to answer the question, “What would you tell your sister if she said she wanted an online business?”  The responses are enlightening, inspirational, and just plain fun.  The cherry on top is a delightful poem by the novelist Elizabeth Cunningham.  This is a FREE ebook that you can share freely with your sisters, BFFs and gal pals.

  1. MaryAnn Shank
  2. Amy Oestreicher
  3. Ann Southcombe
  4. Candy Messer
  5. Carolyn Gage
  6. Conny Graf Lewis
  7. Dora Carpenter
  8. Ellen Boneparth
  9. Juhl Lightheart
  10. Elizabeth Cunningham

I asked.  These amazing women answered.  Wonderful nuggets from
* The Writer, the Lover of Life
* Our Guide to the Goddess
* The Rebel Swiss
* Director of Light My Fire
* Web Wonder Workers
… and many more!Yo Sis

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