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Today’s blog is all about living on accidentthe best way to live.

Happy FIRST day of the work-week!

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(This Monday is filled with very special numbers! 30, 8 , 3…)

Number THIRTY!

I’ve reached a very special milestone with the 30th edition of my weekly Detourist Field Guide.  You can get a recap here.

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That means another Fall Into Art Journaling Challenge – Week#8!

End of Summer fall ito art journaling amy



My 3rd weekly Name-My-Work-In-Progress-Cuz-I-Hate-Giving-Them-Titles

Or fondly, NMWIPCIHGTT!  So far you’ve helped me name…


So for Fall Into Art Journaling Challenge #8, get ready for a fiery task!

This week marks Bonfire Night in the UK.

Let the flames, sparkles and fireballs inspire your designs!

dancing flames

Flames, huh?  Well, this is my work-in-progress that was flame-inspired.  Title suggestions WELCOME!

As usual, I don’t think.  I layer and layer.

I let my colors be inspired by flames and fire.

The colors made me feel an appreciation for my world around me, especially after almost being taken from it.

I wanted this piece to be inspired by the connection I feel to my grandmother, a holocaust survivor  – you can read about the spiritual connection I feel with her here.

When I paint, I always do feel some kind of spiritual connection.  When I was in the ICU, I often dreamed about spiritual images and family connections.  You can read my reflections on faith in the ICU here.

I was inspired to use bright, bold flaming colors in this week’s art.  And see the candle at the bottom?

So what should I name this?  For you art journalers out there, are you naming yoru designs every week?  Named or not, keep sharing in the Creative Wildcats Facebook Group, or stop by and see what wonderful things people are posting.


Sonja Kautzman‎’s work for Week 6

Before I Go…


I’m back from performing Gutless & Grateful in Denver and next I’ll be performing at Hampshire College on November 11th!,  Click here to see some of my favorite pictures from Denver…


I’ll be posting some highlights of the Rocky Mountain State later this week.  Man, traveling is addictive.  Where should I go next?  You tell me!


In the meantime, keep sharing your own travels in life, those lovely detours taking us turning into new, unforeseen directions.

Have a great day folks, and remember: the best things in life happen by accident.

Don’t believe me?

Check out 15 Life-Changing Inventions That Were Created By Mistake!

So live life by accident today – OOPS! Accidentally Fall into Art Journaling, and get lost in your detour, as you Detour Into Life.

How will you live on accident today?

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