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For Week #7 of our Fall Into Art Journaling Challenge, we’re getting in the spirit of Halloween!

(sort of.)

Well, here’s the prompt: Pretend that you are someone else for the night.  Let your imagination run free, and represent the person you would LOVE to be.

Who is your Halloween-Costume-Hero-Fantasy?


I think I’d be a panda…

If you could be anyone, who would you be?  Catch up with the past few art journaling prompts here, post your creations in the Creative Wildcats Facebook Group!

I think we all wish we were someone else at times.  For a while I didn’t understand my own life and desperately wanted an easier, carefree path.  


Some art therapy work I did years ago, Trauma, trying to salvage the two “halves” of me after falling into a coma at 18.

But one thing led to another and…well, check out my latest article for The Mighty: 

What It’s Like to Be Known as ‘the Girl Whose Stomach Exploded’

It’s the story of how my bizarre anatomy landed me on the TODAY show (There’s the Kathie Lee & Hoda clip in that link too!) and ultimately led to me starring in a one-woman musical about my life…which I’ll be performing in Denver this FRIDAY!

TLAN pic

Discover, Inspire, Create…I need your opinion!

It’s been a busy week full of inspiration from my own detoured journey, and yesterday Discover, Inspire Create #29 went out.  You can view it here, but be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for weekly freebies!

Anyway, I’m changing my title to celebrate #30 next week – a name to fit my new Detourist theme – help me out and vote here!

In the studio…

Anyways, this was some art I did visualizing life as “someone else” – what would that look like for me?

Apparently a bunch of newspapers.

And some paint on top of it.

I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again. I have no technique. I just throw things on a canvas.

The art of life is improvisation – and that’s where the best discoveries come from!

Slowly I started to see two figures emerge.  One was me, and one was the part of me I’ve left behind as I’ve “grown” from my traumas and from, well, life.

I colored one in more of a blue, melancholy tone to represent the part of me that had survived the surgeries and PTSD (which I just wrote about for Huffington Post, actually) while the more vibrant, orange figure was the person I hope to take with me into the future.

I truly believe that we heal through our stories, expressing, using words, art, song, dance, laughter, whatever.  We heal WITH CONNECTION.   That’s why I gave the bird a cute lil’ book!

I cut out these words from a magazine: THOUGH OUR STORIES WE HEAL.

Because it’s true.  Through telling my story, that’s how I’m finally starting to heal.  So sorry if I keep blabbin on about my crazy life, but think about it this way – by listening you are TOTALLY helping me heal!  Yay!


The words on this painting are THROUGH OUR STORIES WE HEAL.  But I’m still open to a title suggestion. You all gave such great suggestions for my work in progress last week.  Any ideas?  Send me a note or comment below!

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Through our stories…we heal.  So keep telling yours, and keep track of your travels with #LoveMyDetour!

YOU’RE a detourist and we all need to hear it!

(Don’t know what a Detourist is?  Click here and learn all about it, then check out the #LoveMyDetour gallery that you can be part of!







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