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Welcome to official week one of Why Not Wednesday!

de·tourˈdēto͝or-noun1. a long or roundabout route taken to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way.

To celebrate life’s beautiful detours, I’m featuring a lovely detourist every Why Not Wednesday.

Interested in being featured?  Learn about the #lovemydetour deTOUR here.  

We’re all detourists.  You can read here why I’m a detourist.

Now meet Gernae…

My name is Gernae Alexander and I am a detourist.


When you’re a kid, they tell you to get an education so you can get a good job and have a good life.

What they don’t tell you is that the job market is looking for people with years of experience and you just spent years in a classroom.

My degree didn’t offer me that magic carpet ride to success, but instead gave me a wonderful college experience and a mountain of debt. I was 24 years old, unemployed, and living with two roommates who were still in school and also unemployed. Every month there was an eviction notice on our door for the world to see, I couldn’t even qualify for living assistance, and my bank account was in the red. Pride kept me from asking for help and I refused to live with my parents.

I was living the American dream.

I am the daughter of a pastor and an incredible woman who I’m blessed to call mother. They raised my four brothers and sisters and I to believe that we were not average, so average grades would not do. Once we started something, it must be finished and whatever we do must be done with excellence.

So you can imagine how much of a failure I felt.

I was young, I was educated, and broke. It felt like I had the entire world on my shoulders. My only form of transportation was my bike and my two feet. Every call I received was from another bill collector and the university was already asking for money for the alumnae association. (Really?!) This was the lowest point of my life and I had no clue what I would do to turn it all around.

So I figured, “What the hell. I’m going to LA!”

I called up a friend to offer help building her company in exchange for a place to sleep and she accepted. I maxed out my credit card purchasing my ticket and was on my way.

Thinking back on it, I can’t believe I did it. While in California, I fed the homeless on Skid Row, was an extra in a movie, hosted dance auditions, took dance classes at the Debbie Reynolds Studio, met Niecy Nash, Brandy, and Michael Elliot, joined a woman’s group, mentored teenage girls, met an award winning producer… and I did it all with $0 in my pocket. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I took a risk and created an opportunity out of thin air.

Who does that?

When I returned home two months later, I was still unemployed, but inspired. I asked myself what I would do if money wasn’t an option (because obviously, I hadn’t any lol) and decided that I wanted to use my life to make a difference. And so, Her NAEtion was born.

Her NAEtion focuses on youth empowerment with a hard focus on girls and the progression of humanity through acts of service. My journey has just begun, but I believe that one day my voice will reach the masses and I’ll be able to positively impact the lives of others. If you would like to find out more, click the link below to my YouTube channel Journey To Gernae and subscribe to my videos.

Everyone has a path to follow; this is mine.  I #lovemydetour!


Thanks Gernae!  You can check out her awesome Youtube Channel here.


Are you a detourist?

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