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My name is Amy Oestreicher and I’m a detourist.

My stomach exploded. (Seriously.)

My life didn’t go exactly as I planned it – but does anyone’s?

I’m a  PTSD peer-peer specialist, artist, author, writer for The Huffington Post, award-winning founder of the Fearless Ostomates, and CT-based actress and playwright.  As a survivor and “thriver” of nearly 30 surgeries, a coma, sexual abuse, organ failure and a decade of medical trauma, I’ve been challenged with moments of extreme difficulty.  But as an artist, newlywed, actress, 28-year old college student and overall lover of life, I am so grateful for all of the beautiful detours in my life, which have made me who I am today.

What’s a detourist?

A detourist travels along detours – simple enough.  But in addition, a detourist embraces those unexpected routes as opportunities for growth, change and self-fulfillment.  I’m living proof that a detour can lead to unexpected blessings.

As a detourist, I look for the upside of obstacles.  I welcome the unexpected change in my “thought-out” life, and see what opportunities may arise.

Because of my ten-year surgical marathon, I’ve written a one-woman musical about my life, Gutless & Grateful, I discovered the world of mixed media art and am now a successful artist, and through my writing, speaking and workshops, I’ve inspired others to navigate their own detours by turning obstacles into opportunities.

My “beautiful detour” has inspired a passionate desire to create and help others.  My writings have appeared in Washington Post and On Being with Krista Tippet, my story has appeared on the TODAY Show and CBS, and my one-woman show has been seen in theatres across the country, earning rave reviews and accolades since it’s BroadwayWorld Award-nominated NYC debut.  It’s also the name of my upcoming book and TEDx talk!

I’m so excited to share the lessons learned from trauma with you, and hope to bring out the detours that unite us all through my writing, mixed media art, performance  and inspirational speaking.

Remember, detours may side-track you, but they do go somewhere…

…so follow that detour and discover the beauty in the road less travelled!


Are you a detourist?

As you learn more about me and what I’ve done with a near-death experience, you’ll discover that being a detourist can save your life – or just make it that more awesome.  Learn more about the #LoveMyDetour movement and get involved here.

What I’m here for…

I’m Gutless, Grateful, wrote the show on it (literally) and speaking about it – for everyone!

I talk about it...and I sing about it too…for ALL Detourists!

Customized Performances Available for:

You can see how art has healed me on my own detour, or read my Detourist Blog to learn about the twists, turns and flowers along the way.

There’s also art galleries, music, writings, freebies all to help guide your journey.

I offer quite a few other services – products and services I’d never be capable of offering had I not been a detourist.

(Just more proof that sometimes a “setback” is a “springboard if you want it to be!)

Or see where my detour is headed next in my event calendar!


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