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Creativity is a mindset...

Read how creativity saved my life, see some of my past art shows, and check out some fun crafty tips and tutorials.  Get lost in some color and whimsy – that’s what my whole Arts & Creativity section is for – enjoy!


I never expected to be an artist.


I discovered my love for painting unexpectedly, when inspired to pursue new avenues of creative expression as a means for healing and connection.


As I explain in Gutless & Grateful, “I had suddenly found a means to express things that were too complicated, painful and overwhelming to put into words.” Soon, I created hundreds of mixed-media, acrylic, and collage paintings.

Curious about Gutless & Grateful?  You can learn more here...and see that I also do a version exclusively for artists!

Canvas Talk Tree Dreams Photo

My work has been displayed in various solo shows, juried exhibitions, craft and fine art fairs, galleries and museums.  And way too many stacked up in my basement.

So if I’m an artist…you can be too!

craft fair 2015

How I can help you perfect the art of the detour:

I’ve got lots of fun stuff for free of course.  My blog is chock full of tips, subscribe and you’ll get exclusive goodies, and you can always jump in on my Art Journaling Challenge!

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Have a question?  Want something I didn’t mention?  Just send me a note.  Art is for sharing.


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Learn about Gutless & Grateful for Artists!

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