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This is a post from March 13th, 2011!

AND I finally figured out how to upload photos form my new phone, so here are some paintings I made for Kathie Lee and Hoda…
And here are some other paintings I’ve finished up…
There’s much much more in my galleries and Etsy shop!

I just got this wonderful new watercolor set, so here is my first venture into watercoloring…

And I’ve been doing a little muffin making for my hungry brothers…
Chocolate and Vanilla marbled muffins
Jam doughnut muffins!
It’s been a crazy story I’ve lived so far…and that happens to be a favorite song of mine too!  Watch me sing The Story…
Brandi Carlile is a huge role model for me.  You can check out her amazing channel here.
By the way, who’s that handsome guitarist?  Oh, just my older brother, Matt.  He’s an awesome guy – check out his site and his podcast!
2013-08-27 15.58.35

This was a cake I made him for his birthday – pretty cool, right?

2013-08-27 21.06.31

This is him thinking it’s awesome 🙂

“What strange creatures brothers are!”
― Jane Austen
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