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I’m back from Kansas City, It’s Monday again and it’s time for another art journaling challenge…so are you ready to Fall Into Art Journaling?

Will She Ever Get Back

For the week of September 21st, it’s back to school – and that means…school supplies!

What does the back-to-school season remind you of?

Excitement?  Rushing?  Carpools?  Yellow School Buses?  Composition notebooks?

Think of your old school supplies – I remember my good ol’ binder, protractor, zippered bag of gel pens…2011-04-04_15-41-09_77

Pick three back-to-school supplies and in this week’s challenge, use them to create what Back To School means to you!

Need a recap?

End of Summer fall ito art journaling amy

Learn about the Fall Into Art Journaling Challenge, go back to last week’s challenge, and remember to participate in the online discussion and sharing Facebook group!

I do have plenty of back to school supplies, considering I started going back to Hampshire College this month.  Being 28, married, working and in college isn’t always the easiest.  How do you balance work, life and creativity?  Here are some of my tips – but it’s always easier said than done.

Just to get some inspiration going, here are five more ways to get some creative juices flowing this week…

Five Random Art Jouraling Ideas..because art is everywhere!

1.) Get inspired by snarky greeting cards.

2.) Everything’s cuter with google eyes.  Draw something with googly eyes.  I promise you’ll be happy.

3.) Go way way back through my blog archives – you’ll see step by step pictures of how I created most of the work you see in my galleries.  You’ll see my only secret is…not having any clue what I’m doing.

2011-04-01_15-49-44_898 2011-04-01_15-49-56_192  2011-04-01_15-50-05_5152011-04-16_13-22-28_476

4.) Draw what you want to remember.  Or better yet – who you want to remember.   I painted this to remember the spirit of my grandma and grandpa, who were amazing people and holocaust survivors.  

Grandparents 16 x 20 IMG_0497

5.) Notice how many “circles” you can find around you.  Then fill an entire page of your journal with circles…


Circles are more than just round little dots.


What does a circle mean to you?

George Seurat painted this entire piece in dots – literally little circles.

What does it mean to come full circle?

When I was thirteen, I wrote a song called “Circles” – it was a young reflection on how people tend to go around in circles their entire lives without even knowing it.

Listen to it here:

So, whether you’re participating in this week’s art journaling challenge, you’re seeing kids go off to school once again and restarting the circle of the school year, or your contemplating where you are in the big circle of life…maybe just think about circles this week.

The Circle of the Seasons…

September’s almost done and we’re moving once again through the crisp Autumn months.


A circle is going through the same motions, but each time around can be slightly different.  For me, as I’m starting my third year of college, I’ve been down this track before.  But I’m married for the first time, I’ve got new courses, new goals, new traveling adventures as I start to take my one-woman show and workshops across the country.

There’s a comfort in knowing that we walk familiar ground, yet are “susceptible” to new opportunities.  It’s what keeps life comfortable, but exciting, right?


This year, what will your circle be?


Draw your circle.  With your feet, with your mind, with your back-to-school supplies.


Hope you fall into the (art journaling optional!) challenge.

wedding dress

“If you love someone, put their name in a circle; because hearts can be broken, but circles never end.”

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