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Originally published in Bon Bon Break

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As the school year is upon us, crafty tutorials, creative lesson plans and learning- centered art projects are floating around the Internet, in parenting magazines, printable worksheets, and toy stores. Everyone’s looking for ways to make learning fun for their kids. If you’re not a parent, teacher or kid who’s taking the initiative, you’re not spending your day making arts and crafts unless you are an artist, art teacher, or crafter…


Essays, recipes, tips and activities. We want to make our readers’ lives a little easier, lighter, and more inspired now that school is getting started. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. The interpretations of this word / concept are endless, and we can’t wait to see your creative ideas!

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ABOUT AMY: Amy Oestreicher is a 28 year old actress, musician, teacher, composer, dancer, writer, artist, yogi, foodie, and general lover of life. Surviving and thriving through a coma, 27 surgeries and other trauma has inspired Amy to share her story with the world through her passionate desire to create and help others. Piecing her life together after her initial dreams of performing musical theatre took on a beautiful detour into broader horizons. Amy has written, directed and starred in a one woman musical about her life, Gutless & Grateful, has flourished as a mixed media and acrylic artist, with her art in multiple galleries and mounting dozens of solo art shows, and continues to share her story through her art, music, theatre and writing.

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