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Happy Monday!  I’m so excited to announce the official start of Fall Into Art Journaling Challenge with me and Daire, an awesome blogger from across the pond.  Sign up to take part and definitely join the Facebook group for it – this will be so much fun – no art or journaling experience needed…or wanted!

This week’s challenge will put a song in your heart and a start to your first page!

End of Summer fall ito art journaling amy

Build yourself an autumn inspired playlist .
Hit play and let it inspire some free doodling.
(You can listen to Daire’s playlist here. )
Anything goes.  Don’t think of it as art. What songs do this season remind you of?
Create the soundtrack of this bountiful season and share your pictures, thoughts and ideas in our facebook group!
Get a pencil, a crayon, an old lipstick (?) and draw!
Here is a song I recorded that always reminds me of this season…maybe because it’s called…Autumn!


Don’t think about it – just free-doodle, free your mind, lose yourself in the music, find yourself in Fall.

Don’t know much about art journals?  You can look at some ideas here.  Also see some of my own pages.

How do you lose yourself and find yourself at the same time?

I was in the studio today just playing around.  Here’s what I’m working on….

“I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.” – Mark Twain

Cleaning supplies? Nope. Art supplies!
Meaning I just dump stuff on paint and see what happens 🙂

I’m in my art studio today finding myself and losing myself at the same time.

What do I mean? 

Think about it.  When are you happiest?  When do you feel the most like yourself?

For me, I’m the happiest when I’m lost in doing something I love, or lost in the moment, not constantly overthinking, but just BEING.  that is my definition of “losing myself”.

And the wonderful thing about that is that’s who we ARE – we are that “wordless” feeling we have when we are “in the moment”, lost in ourselves.

When you start questioning who you are, what you’ve “become”, or where your going, try to think of those moments where…you’re not thinking at all!

2012-04-07 14.02.28

What is your role in the world today?  This is a very beautiful song – I have no idea who wrote it – called Hello World.  I recorded this ironically for my college audition CD – and we all know how that went…

When I paint, I’m searching for the connection I want to feel.  We all need connection.  That’s what makes us feel alive.

My definition of “finding yourself”?  Connecting to what makes you tick.  That same fire you felt as a six-year-old – what is that?  If you can find that six-year-old passion and harness it, you’ll never be lost.

Step #1:  Think of one fond memory as a kid – the earliest one you can remember.

Step #2:  Visualize yourself as that child.  What made you laugh?  What made you love?  What made you afraid?  (Monsters, definitely for me.)

Step #3:  Focus on those physical sensations:  Feel that laughter, that love, that fear.  How do those feel in your adult body now?

Step #4:  Who can you connect with in your life at this moment with that love? Who can you laugh with?  Who can you share your deepest fears with?

Step #5:  How can you use that love, laughter, fear right now?  What can the child in you offer at this moment?

These are the steps I went through in my head as I painted this morning.  I wanted connection with myself.  I wanted connection with the world.

Trees have always been something I’ve connected to since I was a little child.  I’d write poems about them, songs about them, and just take nature walks any chance I could.  So I painted them onto my “back” in this painting, so I could make sure my “trees” were always watching over me, wherever I went.

Today, I painted myself seeing the world.  In this painting, I am free, fearless and flying.  Nothing is holding me back.  I am connected to nature and to the universe.  With the world as my anchor, I can never get lost.  But I can lose myself in the rapture of finding what makes me tick.

Take a minute to think about it today.  Is there something you do that makes you feel lost in a good way?  Lost in passion, in connection, in yourself?

Today, find yourself in losing yourself.  How are you getting lost?


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