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leaping tree

“If you’re reading this…
Congratulations, you’re alive.
If that’s not something to smile about,
then I don’t know what is.”
? Chad Sugg, Monsters Under Your Head

I’ve got a few more quirky art secrets for you this week!


I was outside selling my art all day yesterday…when you’re sitting in the heat for 7 hours on a Sunday…you start to think crazy artsy things.  See pictures!

I was definitely inspired taking my easel outside for Ridgefield Art Walk last weekend and start some paintings inspired by the good ol’ outdoors.


In case you missed it – a kid insulted my artwork and it was the best thing ever.  Seriously – read about it.


Anyway, I finally had time to finish up the pieces in my own studio…

This is what I came up with:


(I happen to like these doodles and scribbles very much – so thank you little kid!)

So here are my secrets…

That brings me to Installment #2 of my Amy’s Self-Taught Art Secrets.  There were supposed to be 30 more, but I’ve come up with about 4,444 more ideas since the last post.  So this might be a regular feature.  And in that case – send me some of your crazy ideas!

Here we go – my top ten art secrets for this week. Here were my top ten from last week (butter was involved.)

1.)Paint the clouds.

2.) Paint something circular – or with MANY circles.  Or, make muffin tin art!


3.) Be inspired by a stained glass design.


4.) Go to a museum – this is one of my favorite paintings at the Met.


4.) Buy a tub of spackle from Home Depot and give your canvas a little facial.  That’s how I made this.

spackle girl 2

6.) Paint what you’re scared of.

7.) Don’t groan everytime you see a sentimental cliche in Hallmark.  Draw how you interpret it.  (What would you title these greeting cards?)

8.) Paint ice.  Or a sculpture.  Or an ice sculpture.

9.) Contemplate the meaning of life and paint it.

10.) Draw your favorite comic strip.

***Bonus tip:  Wanna know how I got my paint to go in these crazy directions?Weeping Waters Amy Oestreicher no watermark

A fork.  Yup.  I pressed all four prongs into a big glob of paint and just pressed it in a few different directions.  Then I slammed the canvas really hard against the table and let the paint drip down.

…did I just take your Christmas away?

Sorry folks, it’s that easy – and that means you can do it.  Don’t have a fork?  That’s what the plastic forks at the food court are for!


This was mid-banging:20150410_121909


So go ahead, be messy, be fearless and PLEASE use a different fork for dinner.  I am not responsible for any toxic meatloaf tonight.  Sorry.

(Or play it safe and try this really cool sketching idea!)

Send me your thoughts, ideas, or “are you crazy??” comments, pin it, live it – creativity is a way of seeing the world beautifully.





Check out some of my art in my online gallery, heck, buy some of it, take a workshop, or have a say in the next greeting cards I’m making!  

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