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Giving Yourself Permission to Play

What I love most about being self-taught is the “tunnel vision” I have when it comes to good art.  Of course I am endlessly inspired by the works of Chagall, Frida Kahlo, Kandinsky, Picasso…but I do like standing there in wonderment – there is a joy to what we don’t know, right?

One of my favorite Chagall pieces

And that is what art is – my permission to play.  When else can I dig my hands in a big bucket of buttons and sequins, diving for treasure, piecing it all together, and calling it “art”?  Life is a story, and so is every “thing” you create – so put your story on your canvas – with pieces of you.


Motion Blur – in my Mixed Media Gallery on

But just as kid’s play requires some upkeeping and organizing, so do my toys…

I’m being ambitious in my attempt to organize my art studio.

But it’s not quite working out.

Challenge Yourself to Play!



My Top 30 Art Secrets – Part 1

Another joy of being self taught is you get to learn by experience and teach yourself.  So I’d like to share some of my unique little techniques.  Don’t be scared – some of the most famous artists used crazy techniques –Check out these awesome artists and their crazy techniques!


Here are some of my secrets – don’t judge.  It’s in the name of art. 🙂

1.) Get inspired with retail therapy.  These are spice shakers – how fun?!


2.) Dinner taking forever?  Make a butter sculpture – on your plate.


3.) I made this out of toilet paper – that’s where the texture comes from.  You can too.

Tree Thoughts

4.) And you can always read some fun shirt gab.  Shirts say the darndest things.

5.) You can paint on clips – who doesn’t need another clip for an empty bag of chips?

6.) Nature – it’s everywhere, so you can’t avoid being inspired. Sorry.

7.) Take a break and just have fun with someone you love.

This guy’s pretty cool. He’s my husband.

8.) Drop a few globs of paint on a canvas and do something.

9.) Focus on physical sensations. Hold a paintbrush, crayon, whatever, and pretend like you’re moving it through water.

10.) Nutmeg – It’s how I have these trees texture.  Just sprinkle it on wet paint.

Flying Trees

***bonus tip!  Did you know that Jackson Pollack used to dance on his canvases?  Stomp around on some butcher paper, make a big, tap-dancing mess…or just tap dance.

It’s hard to stop there, because the truth is – my favorite part of creating is being a scavenger, an explorer of your own world – just look around you and see what you can come up with!  Just for fun, challenge yourself this August and tag anything you think of or create as #mymessydetour, pin in on Show Me Your HeART – or just share it with someone you love…

Gotta go…I’m off to rummage through my spice rack.  Art time 🙂

Pssst…I could still use your help – vote and help me pick out the next greeting card to sell on Etsy!

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