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Surgery #27

Surgery #27 – healing from my failed attempt at an ostomy reversal through mixed media art

Phoenix Magazine was the first publication I had ever read when I was ready to learn more about the amazing and vibrant community of strong ostomates.  As soon as I did, I realized there were so many people like me doing courageous, incredible things – and they just happened to have an ostomy bag.  After reading my first issue, I realized that my ostomy bag is my advocate, my wonderful quirk, and my best friend – it’s enabled me to lead the life I am so blessed to lead.

pheonix magazine

This article was published in December 2012. Hungry For Life – Read here.

Hungry For Life

Amy Oestreicher B&W 2006 Talented and vibrant, Amy Oestreicher has been betrayed by her body. Despite years of setbacks, including not eating for years, she realized she is not alone. Read about how she continued to sing, perform, paint and lead a full life with an ostomy.

I’m so thrilled that my follow up article has been published in the September 2015 issue!  Order a copy today!

Still Gutless and Grateful

  After 26 surgeries, a talented and creative young ostomate stars in the role of her life.

The UOAA has many resources for support groups.  I happen to love the Inspire Forum as a great online discussion board.  You can also visit my Facebook page Fearless Ostomates Thriving Together.

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Together We’re Stronger!

Knowing there are others out there makes us feel less alone.  Do you have a resource you’d like me to share?  An inspiring ostomate you know, or any “mate” going through something difficult and making the best of it?  Send me a note!

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