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“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
Abraham Lincoln
I’ve been spending a bit of time creating lately…and understandably, sometimes I get a bit of artist’s block – well throwing some paint on a canvas is always easy for me – I just don’t think about it!
 But…when it comes to judging and choosing what I do, well..the fun of being an artist is I get to let everyone else decide – right?

You can find fun ways to beat artist block on a great site by Behance called 99u…or…you can help me out!

Tree Thoughts 16 x 20 IMG_0481
To get today started I could really use your input! So far, I’m selling three greeting cards on Etsy that are prints of mixed media pieces very dear to my heart. Now, I’m ready to start selling the next series of cards. What artwork would YOU most like to send to a friend? The pictures are in the art voting page,  Thanks! To check out what I’m already selling, check out my Etsy shop Allspice and Acylics.  (And if you’re not a fan of any of the pieces I’ve chose, just send me a note and tell me what other art from my gallery you’d like!)
Back to the studio…
It’s nice to have an excuse to just paint all day, now that I’ll be selling and showing my work at a few local art shows!
I’ve gotta keep painting!
But really I just do it because it makes me happy 🙂
“The artist is always beginning. Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery is of little worth.” ~Ezra Pound
 There’s never a bad time to make art.  I’ve made art when I’m anxious…
I love creating inchie art, and in dire medical circumstances, this was
the best way to express my uneasiness in the midst of uncertainty. Each
individual inchie expressed a fear, worry or concern I had about my
future.  I called this “Can’t Distract” because I was unable to take my
thoughts away from this anxiety.  Rather than deny these thoughts, I
made art from them.  Suddenly, they became less scary. <Click to Tweet!>
I’ve made it to find myself…
 The pieces I have the most fun creating are the ones that I have no
expectations for.  This started by some random shredding and gluing of
newspapers, magazines,  coupons, plastic wrap, gum wrappers, and
whatever else I was about to throw out.  Then, I spent hours just
painting layers and layers of paint, trying to obscure some of the
printed text.  Eventually, this face emerged.  For me, this symbolized
the process of finding myself – hard to find at first, but with each and
every layer, applied tediously and determinedly with meticulousness and
great care, my a face eventually surfaced.
I’ve made it to find hope…
 I created this for my mother at a time when it was hard for us to have
hope.  For me, yoga is centering for my body, and the poses are very
grounding.  I painted us both in the tree asana with the quote “If we
stand like trees, we can weather the storm”.
And sometimes I create without being in my studio.
 Creating memories is an art too.
Bring back my honeymoon!!!
Layer by layer, we build moments, friendships, families legacies…
 (Can you tell I’m in just-got-married-sentimental mode?)
 Today go out into YOUR “studio” whatever that is.  And create, discover, inspire!
Before I Go…
I’ve never been on a cruise before, but one thing I’ve learned – there’s a TON of art there!

It was like a floating city!  Check out: Here are some of the best cruises for first timers.
And who knew there was all this art on the ship?  There were some especially clever and playful pieces – I LOVE this!
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