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I’m a self-taught artist.  I paint how I feel and call it art therapy.  And if you read any other post on my site, you’ll see that I believe all creativity is therapy.

Creating is how we turn “dreaming” into “doing”.

A favorite book of mine!

Anyone has the power to create.  If you have dreams, you have the material.

When I create in the studio, I’ll literally use anything around me – Purell (makes the paint do pretty cool things), salt (great to put on watercolors!) nutmeg (for an earth color, sprinkle it on acrylic paint!) cardboard (glue it to a canvas, paint over it and voila, texture!)

My nature walks are a wonderful exercise in “doing” – I often daydream about the personalities behind all the breathtakingly beautiful trees and…


 Be an adventurer in your own world – do you see something around you that resonates deep in your gut?  Make something out of it.

Doing is a way that you can share your dreams with others.

Every flower along the path – even if it’s not the path you’ve planned for yourself – is an opportunity for growth and inspiration.  Who knows what its scent will bring?

When I make art, it’s an exercise in finding the “doing” in my “dreams”.  To make art, I don’t use much – half the time I’m not even thinking about what I use.  but I have an intent.  It’s not planned out exactly, but it comes from a burning sensation within my heart.

(not heartburn though)

It’s a desire I’m manifesting through my art. A will to live from my aliveness, what makes me tick, the vision I can sense inside of me, even though I can’t’ always see it clearly…

And then

it starts to appear

And I’ve made things happen for a reason.

When life got in my way

I didn’t run…

I took what life gave me…and RAN WITH IT!

We al have dreams.  We all have something swirling around deep in our souls like watercolors, itching to burst out and paint a beautiful backdrop.

And maybe it just stays a backdrop.

But maybe…

It can become more.

Will you ever know if you don’t try?

I started painting in hospitals.  I had dreams of sadness, frustration and anger.  But I also had dreams of overcoming obstacles and keeping my heart and self vital and true to the “me” I was before hospitals.

I had a dream, and just kept DOING, even if I didn’t know what it would amount to.

I manifested my dreams and grounded myself in my vision everyday, layer my layer, brushstroke by brushstroke

You could just call it finishing a painting, but I call it quite a metaphor!  If you’re a dreamer – and aren’t we all – you have the power to be a doer as well.

Maya Azucena(1)

Do you really want to turn dreaming into doing?


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Boho style girl holding up a dream catcher and looking away wistfully on a summer evening

Boho style girl holding up a dream catcher and looking away wistfully on a summer evening


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