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The wonderful thing about social media is how it can bring so many together – many who may feel completely alone when dealing with their own personal obstacles.

Check out Fearless Ostomates Thriving Together – an online community I have helped to create for ostomates, as well as friends and family to come together for advice, inspiration, laughs and encouragement!

Have you checked out Ostomy Connection?
I’m so excited to be part of this great new site:

“OstomyConnection is an online resource to find the latest news, events, products, and support for the ostomy community. We have a simple goal…making connections!

Check it out! You can see my latest article for them: A Body of Work After 27 Surgeries

Read 7 Quotes from Ostomates About Acceptance

Phoenix Magazine is the official publication of the UOAA. You can see my feature in the latest issue here.

For swimwear and intimate wraps, I love OstomySecrets.

Another wonderful forum is the Inspire forum – and Ostomy Support Community.

For more ostomy resources, support groups and insights, visit the UOAA website.

Together we’re stronger!

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