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Gutless and Grateful premiered at the Triad Theatre in October 2012, where it was nominated for a Broadway World Award for Best Theatre Debut.  Since then, Amy has performed her one-woman show in various venues, theatres, cabarets, festivals and workshops.
“Oestreicher’s story is always inspirational and sometimes funny. It’s hard not to laugh when Oestreicher says that after hours and hours of boredom, leaving her room for a CAT scan was a “field trip.” Her recounting of the time (still dressed in a hospital gown) she left the hospital with her parents for an unauthorized excursion in Manhattan is proof enough she did not fall into self-pity.But it’s the music that makes the show not only inspirational but also entertaining. The first songs Oestreicher sings reflect her youthful exuberance: “Just Around the Riverbend,” “Born to Entertain.” The songs take a darker turn when troubles strike: “Say A Prayer for Me Tonight,” “Lost In the Stars,” and “I’d Rather Be Sailing.” Considering Oestreicher’s problems, it should be no surprise that she sings “Food, Glorious Food.”
-Paulanne Simmons (Times Square Chronicles)   AmyO-Nov'14.Still008

One part moving testament to human indomitability, the other a thoroughly satisfying evening of song. While each element is strong enough to stand on its own, combined they illuminate and enhance each other. Rarely have I seen narration and song so artfully meshed, and Oestreicher’s likeability, good humor, interpretive skill, and manifest commitment to what she is saying and singing make us not only understand her story, but also feel it on a very deep level.
-Roy Sander, critic for

“Gutless & Grateful: A Musical Feast” is a moving personal history told with grace and humor, and garnished with great songs sung from the heart.
-Paulanne Simmons (Times Square Chronicles)

Whew. Welcome back, Amy Oestreicher. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you…
-Kevin Scott Hall (Kevin on Kabaret for The Edge)
Promoting my show in WNBC

“Born with Broadway on her brain, Amy shares her inspiring journey through songs. Her song choices always illuminate her story and range. Toward the end Amy incorporates a song written for her by David Friedman and Kathie Lee Gifford (“Still Alive”) and a song written by her (“Lost in the Corner”). Through this amazing range of songs every emotion is beautifully illustrated.

Ms. Oestreicher is an engaging performer and, at the performance I attended, showed great poise when a recalcitrant computer made it necessary for her to deliver the two Sondheim selections a capella and, even though they are tricky (when is Sondheim not?), she delivered amazing performances. The audience was with her 100%, awed by her resilience in the face of adversity that would crush most people.” – William Osner (

Okay, people, you have basically one shot at seeing the astounding Amy Oestreicher in her one-woman show “Gutless and Grateful” at the Triad in NYC… It is nothing short of remarkable — a tapestry of familiar songs woven together to enable Amy to tell the story of her last few years that’s funny and sad, heart-stopping and uplifting, all at the same time! And she is ably supported by Jerold Goldstein who directs, music directs and leads a terrific 4 piece band from the piano! Catch it! Or hope some savvy theater types invite her to bring the show to Connecticut..!
-William Squier (Playwright)
“I can only think of two times in the last 30 years that I blew off the first half of The Super Bowl.   One was to attend a wedding and the other was to see Gutless And Grateful.  Both times it was well worth it!” – Efrem Epstein, founder “Elijah’s Journey”

Oestreicher empowered herself so well through her artistic expression, envisioning song as the healing force, transforming her coma to a comma and using her experience to light our way through the precipice of death to full vitality on the edge of a stage as well as her dreams! Bravo!
-Eric Triffin (Professor at Southern Connecticut State University)
“Gutless & Grateful: A Musical Feast takes audiences on a musical journey of hope, determination, and perseverance as Amy Oestreicher shares her gratitude, her strength and her beautiful voice with the world.” – NightLife Exchange
“The message of Amy Oestreicher’s musical based on her personal experience is so heart-rendering. Generous applause filled the room as [her] voice hits a peak…admired for her spirit, resilience, and outlook.” –
“Amy Oestriecher not only shows us the power of the purest kind of perseverance, but she does so in song and dance, telling her astonishing story of surviving a daunting and lengthy medical nightmares without allowing her challenge to strip her of her dreams. She brings to life the transformative power of music, theater, dance, and storytelling along with many other arts to educate and inspire our souls as to what is possible. It was a privilege to have her perform her breathtaking one-woman show at the Power of Words conference.”
– Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Kansas Poet Laureate 2009-13, and founder of Transformative Language Art at Goddard College
“Theatre comes down to amazing storytelling, and Amy Oestreicher has an astounding story to tell.”
-Broadway World
“The situation was so absurd and so unique … it’s a true story but it’s not depressing. …We give you permission to laugh right away,” Oestreicher said.
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