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“One part moving testament to human indomitability, the other a thoroughly satisfying evening of song. While each element is strong enough to stand on its own, combined they illuminate and enhance each other. Rarely have I seen narration and song so artfully meshed, and Oestreicher’s likeability, good humor, interpretive skill, and manifest commitment to what she is saying and singing make us not only understand her story, but also feel it on a very deep level.”
-Roy Sander, critic for (more press quotes here)

Gutless & Grateful is the one-woman musical autobiography of Amy Oestreicher, taking her audience on a journey of hope, resilience and gratitude.  An inspiring story of survival and determination, Gutless & Grateful is appropriate for audiences of all ages.  The 70 minute performance can be customized as an ideal event for fundraisers, support groups, hospitals, non-profit organizations, theatres, cabarets, schools, conferences, seminars, motivational speaking engagements, and special events.

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Amy Oestreicher was an ambitious, audacious teenager who had her life
all planned out: go to college, win a Tony, and conquer the world. But
life took an unexpected detour when the week before her high school
senior prom, she found herself in unusual pain. She was rushed to the
emergency room, and due to a blood clot, Amy’s stomach exploded to the
ceiling of the operating room. After both lungs collapsed, she almost

Months later, she awoke from a coma covered in tubes, bags, and
drains, and was told that she had no stomach anymore, she could not
eat or drink, and it was not certain if or when she would ever taste
one bite ever again. It took 27 surgeries and over three years, but
eventually, Amy was miraculously reconstructed, and with the
intestines she had left, was given a system that digests food.

Come for an evening of inspiring story-telling and song as she shares
the disappointments, the triumphs, and the humor – the challenges, the
battles, and ultimately the gifts of what Amy received from this
experience. It is a story of hope, determination, and perseverance  a
way to share her gratitude and strength with the world. Through the
ups and downs, Amy’s fight proves that you never know what you are
capable of until you are asked to the challenge  and the human spirit
can prevail over any odds.

Through seven years of surgeries and medical crises, Amy never let
herself feel like a “patient” or “victim.” Rather than mourn her
hunger, she started a chocolate business, a food blog, learned karate,
starred in musicals, put up several art shows, and taught nursery
school. Through it all, Amy has always kept her spirit alive and her
appetite for life ravenous. Amy was featured on CBS and the TODAY
show, where she shared her joy and gratitude for being alive, as well
as her hunger for everything life can offer. With musical direction
from acclaimed musical director David Brunetti and renowned composer
David Friedman, the act also includes a song David Friedman wrote
especially for Amy with lyrics by Kathie Lee Gifford.

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