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Do you have a little dream inside of you, itching to come out and show itself? Is there something you wish for every night before you go to sleep? As a kid, I’d always lay awake in bed wishing for little fantasies in my dreams to come true. In my dreams, my heart was able to spring its wings open wide and ask for anything – no matter how high or far-fetched.

This heart pillow craft is a wonderful craft for a child – or anyone. It’s my way of keeping the wishes and dreams of my heart safe while I sleep. Enjoy!

Heart Pillow Craft

You’ll need:

  • sheets of felt or fabric – blue, pink, yellow, green, white are the colors I’ve used
  • a scissor
  • glue-gun and glue sticks
  • small piece of paper and pen
  • ribbon
  • puffy paint
  • cotton to stuff pillow
  • optional: piece of string
  • optional: buttons, embellishments, sequins

***Only use the glue gun if an adult is helping your child create this pillow. If not, use fabric glue – glue-guns get very very hot!!!

First, take a piece of felt – you can keep it that size, or cut a smaller rectangle if you’d like a smaller pillow.

Heart Pillow Craft

Then, take a ribbon and adhere is with a glue gun to the middle of the felt rectangle. This will be your folding line.

Heart Pillow Craft Step 2

Cut the shape of a heart out of pink felt and adhere with a glue gun onto the felt

Heart Pillow Craft Step 3

Then I took a piece of pink fabric and cut it into small pieces.

Heart Pillow Craft Step 4

With a glue gun, I put a drop of glue in the center and stuck it onto green grass that I also cut out of felt

Heart Pillow Craft Step 5

Glue the grass and flowers onto your pillow – the scene can be whatever you’d like, so feel free to improvise!

Heart Pillow Craft Step 6

I added a sun and clouds and glued them on as well

Heart Pillow Craft Step 7

Now, put your felt scene aside to dry. This is your time to daydream. Take a small piece  of paper and write whatever your heart desires. What do you dream of? What is important to you? What in your dreams do you want to see come to life?

Heart Pillow Craft Step 8

Take good care of your dreams and wrap it in a string. You can even have some fun with your child and do a little ceremony once you’ve helped them write everything down.

Heart Pillow Craft Step 9

Take your cotton for stuffing your pillow and cut off a good enough portion to put inside of your felt scene.

Heart Pillow Craft Step 10

Place it on the back side of your felt scene (once it has dried) and use more or less cotton depending on how full you’d like your pillow to be.

Heart Pillow Craft Step 11

Fold your felt scene in half and use a glue gun to adhere all of the edges, sealing the stuffing in place. You can also hand-sew the edges using a needle and thread if you’d like.

Heart Pillow Craft Step 12

Use the other half of the ribbon used earlier to divide your h=felt square in half – this time using the ribbon to seal off the top edge.

Heart Pillow Craft Step 14

For the last step, I used puffy paint to outline everything. You can also glue some sequins, buttons or other embellishments onto your pillow – it’s your dreams so you decide!

Heart Pillow Craft

Have your child sleep with their dream pillow every night – if they come up with new dreams, desires and wishes, they can always make another one!


About Amy Oestreicher
I am an artist, performer, musician, foodie, creator, and life-lover on a beautiful detour after at age 18, a sudden blood clot caused me to fall into a coma for months. Piecing together my life after my initial dreams of performing musical theatre took a turn into broader horizons. I believe it is my mission to spread messages of hope and strength while doing what I love to do, which is CREATE. Art, Music, Theatre, Writing – the world is full of everyday miracles and beautiful detours…You can find more information on my website at

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