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Spackled Canvas Art

Guest Post by Amy of AllspiceandAcrylics

Spring on a Canvas – with all its vibrant colors and rich texture!

I’d love to share with you a project I love – it’s surprisingly easy to do and ends up looking wonderful! I just discovered how to create lovely textures on a canvas to hang in your home using Spackling Paste!* It’s inexpensive and easy to pick up from Home Depot, and it has become my secret ingredient in creating beautiful works of art.

spackle girl 2


First, you’ll need to pick up a jar of lightweight spackling – any Lowe’s, Home Depot or hardware store should have this, and you don’t need a lot.  You’ll also need a blank canvas board.  The thicker canvases are usually better to work with than the flat canvas panels.


Next, you literally want to just give your canvas a “spackle facial” – I grabbed a handful of spackle and rubbed it onto my canvas, making designs with my fingernails until I was happy with how it looked.  You can also use whatever sculpting tools you’d like – a fork, toothbrush, Q-tip, or whatever will make a mark!

Drying Spackle on Canvas

Then, just leave your canvas to dry overnight.  When you come back the next day, it should be all ready to paint on.

Painting your spackled canvas…


I started off by using some acrylic paints – it’s very fun to make sure you paint in between all the crazy nooks and small crevices that the textured spackle has created overnight. Any acrylic paints work well.

When you use a thicker canvas, it’s fun to spackle the sides for a really dynamic piece.

spackle12Besides acrylic paints, I love using pearl and metallic glazes, which shine especially nicely on the grooves of the dried spackle.  Martha Stewart has a line of acrylic glazes that work very well.

Have some fun with all the layers of paint you can add in all of the corners – the thicker you lay on the paint, the more vibrant a canvas you’ll end up with!

It’s also fun to add some glitter and puffy paint onto the acrylic paint – just think abstractly and focus on creating a really beautiful, colorful interesting design.

The more of a mess the paints become, the more fun I have with it – I like to spray the wet paint with water in a spray bottle, allowing the colors to drip together even more.

Remember, make sure you get into every edge – leave no white spackle corner unpainted!

Add those finishing touches…spackle17

When everything has dried, it’s up to you how you’d like to finish off your canvas.

I took a piece of felt and cut out a little flower pot.

Crumple up some tissue paper to look like little flowers and glue gun everything into place. (Any glue can work with the spackle, I just prefer a glue gun.)

You also have the option of using any beautiful scrapbook embellishment and attaching it to your canvas. I love the K & Company Scrapbooking stickers.

The more comfortable you get with spackle, you can really get creative with your ideas and how you shape the paste.



Amy blogs at AllspiceandAcrylics, where she shares recipes and her unique art styles and projects. When she isn’t blogging, she’s actively engaged in the performing arts. Her award-winning show, “Gutless and Grateful,” chronicles her near-death experience and return to a fulfilling life. Follow Amy’s performing arts career at

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