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Works by Amy and other local artists were in Blue Lemon’s newest Resilience art show on June 25th. They will remain at Blue Lemon for several weeks. Come and enjoy good food, paired with good art!
Click here for beautiful highlights from the arts immersion salon on Resilience with James Naughton, David Friedman, Anne Runolfsson, and the beautiful, resilient artists of Beechwood Arts!


ELISA K _MG_1390

I was honored to participate in the “Resilience!” Arts Immersion Salon at Beechwood Arts.

In this 4-month, all-arts collaborative event I participated in a film on Resilience, collaborated on writing and performed a dramatic monolgue “Five windows on a Resilient Journey”, collaborated on an Art Installation “Touched by Words” and showed a series of paintings that illustrated my journey.

From March to May of 2015 we gathered together a group of artists, musicians, performers, filmmakers, chefs & healers who had faced life-altering events to collaborate and interpret the theme of Resilience. The goal was to create a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of the arts in an intimate, immersive and innovative event.

On May 31, 2015, all the collaborations came together for an Arts Immersion Salon live at Beechwood Arts in Westport, CT, with satellite salons tuning in from New Jersey, Texas and France as part of our Salon Around the World network. wrote several monologues for Resilience and the Power of the Human Spirit.

I titled these “Windows of Resilience” to convey various period of my life over the past decade.

Watch more footage of this amazing event on the Beechwood Arts website!

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