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Can’t Distract – Art Therapy for Anxiety

Originally published in Dropping Keys

Thanks to Stuck In Scared for publishing as well!

I love creating inchie art, and in dire medical circumstances, this was the best way to express my uneasiness in the midst of uncertainty. Each individual inchie expressed a fear, worry or concern I had about my future.  I called this “Can’t Distract” because I was unable to take my thoughts away from this anxiety.  Rather than deny these thoughts, I made art from them.  Suddenly, they became less scary.

Art Therapy for Finding the Self – I Am Myself- Art and Mental Health


 Originally Published in Dropping Keys

The pieces I have the most fun creating are the ones that I have no expectations for.  This started by some random shredding and gluing of newspapers, magazines,  coupons, plastic wrap, gum wrappers, and whatever else I was about to throw out.  Then, I spent hours just painting layers and layers of paint, trying to obscure some of the printed text.  Eventually, this face emerged.  For me, this symbolized the process of finding myself – hard to find at first, but with each and every layer, applied tediously and determinedly with meticulousness and great care, my a face eventually surfaced.

Art Therapy for Finding Each Other

Originally Published in Dropping Keys


I created this for my mother at a time when it was hard for us to have hope.  For me, yoga is centering for my body, and the poses are very grounding.  I painted us both in the tree asana with the quote “If we stand like trees, we can weather the storm”.




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