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“‘When your feeling down about your life… think about how lucky you are’- Amy Oestreicher

“These were just some of the inspiring words from this brave, bold, and beautiful survivor.”

– Sarah Lehman, Manhattan with a Twist


“ I find you an inspiration. Lately, I have been feeling very anxious over an eye condition I have and trying to decide on a decision to have surgery or not. It’s a scary time for me. The thought of losing my eyesight sends me over the top with anxiety. But then I read your story and felt, if you have enough fight left in your spirit when all the odds were stacked against you, then I should take note and decide to stay strong too! God bless you. You’re proof that we all need to tell our stories. Then your story becomes intertwined with another’s and whether we ever know it or not our personal story may just be enough to give another HOPE.”

“Amy, I was deeply moved by your experience and the courage to continue as an actress, teller, and yes SINGER. Thanks for accepting the invite (unexpected) to sing one of the songs. That added to my sense of your one-woman show. BRAVO.”


“Thank you for opening up and touring and turning your personal challenges and trials into something that others can learn from, that may well save someone else’s life one day. You can’t live in this world without suffering some kind of trauma or tragedy; I believe your sharing your story so widely will literally give someone on the edge the hope and vision they need to move forward instead of continuing down their road of despair and loss. I’m sure it already has, many times, whether these people contact you or not. Life can be so difficult; thank you for spreading light and love where you can.”

“The more I check out your artwork, the more I fall in love.”

“You are what every campus needs right now.  If we had more people with your desire to get the student body talking, a lot of issues could be brought to light.” – Disability Counselor, Hampshire College

“I’ve had your page up for about three days now waiting for a moment that I would get a chance to read your post I’m glad I did. This is a very well written and encouraging post. I am a cancer patient, had two years of treatment and just finished a stem cell transplant in December. I was on the road to recovery and feeling better as well as having some semblance of quality of life. Then I had to start taking chemo again for maintenance. It has made me feel so horrible. I thought I was reassembling my life like you wrote about, but now it seems as if I may have to start all over again or figure out how this fits into the new life I was trying to have.”

” I’m writing to express my appreciation of your wonderfully ingenious operetta.  Indeed, I was moonstruck!   The Broadway sense of your performance was very, very clever a thing to compose and perform-on the drama of your illness- and authentic at that.”
“To find triumph and confidence in your life experiences is something that I think you’ve mastered, I really admire it. You’re able to take the things that you go through and turn them into positives and into something that can help guide someone in their own personal struggles. I found myself flickering for quite some time a few years back before my fire came. I found my passion and let my flames run rampant. It takes time but for me, anything worth it, is totally worth the hard work. In writing your play, I feel like it was a form of therapy. It let you analyze and understand your situation from an outside perspective and make sense of it. I am an advocate for writing your way through things so I get it. It’s nice to see how you flip things, Im really impressed.”

. “Your story is incredible, and I’m so inspired by how inspiring and uplifting YOU are. If there was a picture under the word POSITIVE in the dictionary it would be a picture of you! “

“I absolutely love reading about your passion and ambition and creativity. It’s invigorating and refreshing!”

“I love how you have taken us through your creative journey, it made me feel like I was part of it!”

“Your story is very moving, scary and exciting all at once what a miracle. You yourself are a miracle in action – congratulations on getting published. I will definitely be on the lookout for your works.”

“Your strength is so beautiful! I connected completely with your story… I am starting to come back and truly appreciate how my art was a crucial survival skill that kept me from disappearing, totally, into my illness.  HUGS!! Thank you for sharing!”

“I just read your entire story and what an inspiration you are. I am blown away by what you have come through. I’m going to share your story and blog and website with as many people as I can. …I really appreciate your creative art too.”

“You are awesome!!!!What an amazing young woman you are.Whenever I feel disgusted and depressed about this whole ostomy thing I will think of you and know how people can do amazing things with just the right attitude.Thank you for sharing.”

“ I just read it right on you go girl this was an inspiration to me.I can only imagine what others think about it.I hope this spreads like wild fire.I love your message Thank You…..”

“Loved this! Such a lesson to learn. I still feel down on my self sometimes after all my surgeries so this was really nice to read. You’re amazing, Amy! Keep on shining!”

“You are an amazing woman and I am inspired by how you continue to show up, no matter what life has offered you as a challenge”

“Wow. Absolutely incredible! My life too, changed over night during what I thought would be a routine ER visit… I have felt many of the same emotions you described. A “why me? This isn’t fair!” phase, followed by “I am a fighter and a warrior and can do anything!“, to “it’s too much, I don’t want to any more” all interspersed with “am I making the right choices? What am I doing wrong?”. Ugh! It’s such a roller coaster that many people can’t even begin to fathom. Like you though, I am grateful for the person it has made me.”

“Thank you for sharing your story from a patient’s perspective. I’m a medical student, and  I’ve noticed in med school that many of the students don’t understand the empathetic side of medicine. They don’t realize that they are not treating a disease, they are treating a person, who is likely scared, desperate, and feeling helpless. They don’t realize that treating patients means treating the whole family, because everyone is suffering together, and everyone is worried and feeling scared and helpless. I hope lots of medical students read your words, and understand that behind every “interesting” condition or disease, there’s a real person, with a real story.”

“ Thank you for taking the time to write your story … I know how hard it can be to relive those memories and present it in way that the reader can understand”

You really should also be a motivational speaker for kids and young adults with ostomies – your story would break their fears wide open – these surgeries can be so overwhelming for many, but certainly not a sentencing! — this is such a great piece!”

This is the most inspiring story I’ve ever read. Every group concerning ostomies should make this available for everyone. You have accomplished amazing things. Bless you for all you’ve overcome, fought for and won.”

“What an inspiration. Here i am feeling sorry for myself…. I am healing… Slow and with complications every week. Thank you for helping to put things in perspective. I WILL face today with such a mote positive attitude and desire for the hood fight. Thank you!!!! Hugs!!!!”

 I love your story!!!! like you am taking a huge risk but I don’t care. You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.”

“That is an amazing story. That really inspired me. I couldn’t help but share it and have already had friends share it. Truly touching and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story.”

“Amazing story… is your show still on?? would love to go!”


“What an amazing person you are! After reading everything that has happened to you my issues are nothing. You truely inspire everyone.”

“Thank you for sharing your inspirational journey with us! I am left breathless with your achievements. Most “normal” people don’t achieve half of what you have done. Amazing.”

“I just read your entire story and what an inspiration you are. I am blown away by what you have come through. I’m going to share your story and blog and website with as many people as I can. I used to have a booming cake shop before my colon cancer and later emergency ostomy surgery, but after losing the shop I began painting, so I really appreciate your creative art too.”


Amy Oestriecher not only shows us the power of the purest kind of perseverance, but she does so in song and dance, telling her astonishing story of surviving a daunting and lengthy medical nightmares without allowing her challenge to strip her of her dreams. She brings to life the transformative power of music, theater, dance, and storytelling along with many other arts to educate and inspire our souls as to what is possible. It was a privilege to have her perform her breathtaking one-woman show at the Power of Words conference.
– Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Kansas Poet Laureate 2009-13, and founder of Transformative Language Art at Goddard College
“You are truly an inspiration, beyond words… A friend posted a link to your Buzzfeed article today on an Ostomy Support Group site, and I’ve spent the past hour engrossed in your story – the youtube videos, your blog, your website.”
“It’s an incredible and awe-inspiring story.  As a fellow ostomate, I run a few different ostomy support groups up in Canada, with my focus being on offering support to us younger ostomates. I’m 34 now, but had my surgery at 28, before I was married and had kids, and I definitely felt alone in my struggles.  I am sharing your story with so many of the other ostomates I know – I hope you know what a huge difference you are making in the lives of others!!”

“Amy, I have nothing but respect for people like you. To go through tragic events and come out stronger than ever is an amazing thing.”

“What a great story and thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your up coming wedding. I wish you and your new hubby all of the best.”

“This is the type of artwork I would love to display in my own home! I’m a huge fan of lots of color, lots of different things going on in a piece, love abstract stuff!”

On selling art:  “A beautiful card on good quality card stock. it is even cuter in person. Great communication with shop owner and fast delivery. I’ll be back!”

On working together: “She is, at once, one of the most independent and one of the most collaborative people I know.”

As a motivational figure: “She is an inspirational figure to be sure, but her creativity expands well beyond her story.”

As an artist: “Amy has continued to inspire and surprise me, our patrons and other artists through her consummate, ever-flowing creativity, incredible message of strength and resilience, her overwhelming joy and love of life against great odds and her dedication and passion to her creative work. If I were reading this letter, I would think this was hyperbole, but I would be mistaken. She is a force of so much that is good in a person and an artist. She knows what she wants to say, yet is open to input to shape her output and to collaboration with many art forms. In her case, it is a benefit that she is so prolific in her writing, her art and her music. They all inform the work she is doing and it makes her an empathetic collaborator.”

As a performer: “ moving, emotional, and at certain points there was not a dry eye in the house. This beautiful, strong, woman could do all of this while overcoming a huge obstacle–why can’t we all learn to love more, and rethink how we see our lives? If you get the chance, you must see this performance, it will make you rethink a lot of things in your own life and inspire you to live your dreams.”






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