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Live Radio Interview:  The Power Of Our Stories

Amy talks about her upcoming storytelling workshops and performances with Robert Sharpe of BITE radio.  Amy’s realization that we all need to tell our stories inspired her to perform her one woman musical, as well as  leading workshops about the healing power of our stories, the transformative power of words, manifestingsuccess through creativity, and cultivating joy through gratitude.  Through telling our stories, we create a roadmap where there is none, and we find that lantern to guide us home.  Listen live on September 4th at 4pm EST at this link, and participate in the interactive segment!  You can listen to Amy’s 2014 interview with Robert HERE on the healing power of music.

Originally in BITE Radio by Robert Sharpe – Click here for interview

Gutless & Grateful – musical – with Amy Oestreicher

Gutless & Grateful in United Solo Theatre Festival, October 11th, 2014

2014 United Solo, the world’s largest solo theatre festival, celebrates its 5th anniversary season and its dynamic expansion in scope and popularity. All shows are staged at Theatre Row: 410 West 42nd Street, New York City.  Tickets, with a price of $19.25 (including a $1.25 theatre restoration charge) are available at the Theatre Row Box Office and online through Telecharge.  You may also call Telecharge at +1-212-239-6200.

Amy Oestreicher is a 27 year old actress, musician, composer, dancer, writer, artist, yogi, foodie, and general lover of life.

At the age of 18, Amy fell into a coma for months, and once she came to, she resolved that she would never become the “patient” or “victim” that her medical circumstances wanted her to be. She simply allowed the unexpected detour to force her to investigate new productions and hobbies – she started a chocolate business, learned to cook and authored a food blog.  She wrote a one-act play, a graphic novel, started her autobiography, and accomplished her biggest dream to date, which was to tell her story in the medium she’s always loved best – the theatre. In 2012, she wrote and starred in “Gutless & Grateful: A Musical Feast” – a one-woman musical about her unique journey.

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