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Show Me Your heART Workshops!

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Learn more about Amy’s newest workshop in Westport, CT here! (Starting 3/3/16)

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Local artist Amy Oestreicher is excited to start offering her mixed media “Show Me Your heART” workshops.  Through eclectic materials, unique insights, messy fun and guided prompts, Show Me Your heART inspires people of all ages to discover creativity as a means of personal expression and making beautiful, personal art.  Through mixed media art, participants will discover what being in the “flow” of creativity feels like, and use art as a way to navigate through life’s messy detours.


Amy Oestreicher is a twenty-eight year old artist, actress, musician, orator and writer residing in Westport, CT.  The fulfillment of her dream to act was shockingly interrupted when, at the age of eighteen, she suffered a blood clot that left her in a coma for months and unable to eat or drink for three years.  Almost thirty surgeries later, Amy is still courageously fighting medical setbacks, and uses her painting and mixed media creations to transcend ten years of emotional and physical trauma.  Her art demonstrates her journey into daylight and into a life of normalcy, which she is still traveling.  As Amy’s work has guided and inspired her, she is thrilled to share what art has taught her with her community.

Through mixed media art, Amy will help participants create their own unique masterpieces.  Taking the time to “create” will become a naturally incorporated part of their lives, as they learn the art of improvisation – an essential tool in and outside of the studio.  Workshops will embrace the beautiful messy “mistakes” and “detours” that all artists come across on their work, be exposed to a range of materials, and learn innovative strategies for conquering a blank page or empty canvas.  As a self-taught artist, Amy will share her tips on silencing the “inner critic” and “can’t” voices that often surface as we outgrow elementary school art classes.  Art brings out the inner child in all of us, and brings out older, wiser, intuitive soul to life in color, fabric and design.

Rather than create copycat replicas and have one group project, participants will be given springboards and guided ideas to springboard their own creative journey.  Through brushstrokes and assemblage, participates will be empowered by their newfound abilities to create their own stories through their art – a story that is uniquely them, a story that only art has the power to bring to consciousness.

When people take time to be creative, they are stimulated, invigorated, energized and inspired.  Experts and first-timer alike realize this when they start to create.  In this creative flow, people will express their internal lives, while also engaging with others.   Participants will walk away seeing like an artist and continuing to create as part of their everyday lives.

In these mingling and creating workshops, participates wont create copycat pieces, but rather create their own unique product – with a little help and plenty of springboards!  All you need is some fearlessness and a paint-bucket full of “YES I CAN!:

With music, mingling and guidance you’ll learn that anyone can be creative inside and outside of the studio.  It’s ideal for children’s parties, company workshops, teambuilding, bridal showers, fundraisers, family get togethers, and much more.  Show Me Your heART is can come to you for parties of six or more.  The materials are provided, just bring your heart.  Come out with your heART!

Amy will show participants how to channel their inner fearless kid painter, their adult insights, and the passionate creator in all of us.  Show Me Your heART is a mobile workshop with parties and classes offered at flexible hours.  The materials are provided, and can be customized upon request.  To choose your workshop theme, contact Amy directly via her site.

These workshops can be collaborative, encourage teamwork and strategic thinking, as well as introspection and self-discovery.  You’ll even learn some painting techniques and terms!  How you use them is up to you!  Amy will introduce new materials such as spackle, gesso, embroidery, sketching tools, print-making tools, stamps, paints and various embellishments.  Each workshop centers around a specific theme that can be chosen and customized beforehand.

Amy specializes in acrylics, mixed media and collage.  Her first solo art exhibit, Journey Into Daylight (Westport Women’s Club) featured over 70 original works spreading her message of hope in the darkest of times, and the celebration of life.  Since then, Oestreicher has mounted solo exhibits Discovery Museum, Temple Shalom, Picture This Gallery, and Ridgefield Tusk and Cup Fine Coffee.  She has also participated in juried exhibitions at Blue Lemon, Beechwood Arts Gallery, City Lights Gallery, G & B Cultural Center, Carriage Barn’s Art in the Windows, and Ridgefield Art Walk. and her show “Coming hoME, Finding heART honored the grand opening of the Prescott Tavern in Amherst, MA.  Her work has also been featured in various boutiques such as Palooza in Fairfield CT, Hazel Daze Boutique and featured on NBC’s Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  Oestreicher’s work is currently for sale on her personal website and her Etsy Shop, AllspiceAndAcrylics.  She is currently studying abstract painting, art education and expressive Arts Therapies at Hampshire College.


“As  a former patient, I know the healing power of art.  My goal is to help others express themselves creatively to find their voice in difficult times and to recover their sense of self in uncertain circumstances.  Creativity was my roadmap where there was none, my anchor when times felt uncertain, my lifeline back to myself, my way to express emotions too overwhelming for words, and an empowering tool to feel as though I were co-creating my circumstances along with the universe.  With fun, tactile materials and open-ended ideas, I aim to inspire others with tools that enabled me to keep my spirit alive.”


Participants will also have the chance to continue the creative journey at home, keeping each other updated by pinning their latest creations on Amy’s Show Me Your heART Pinterest Board!


For more information feel free to contact amy at and check out her website – there is also an option to sign up for her newsletter “Discover, Inspire, Create!” for more information.


Amy’s unique ideas have included (but are NOT limited to…!)

Getting Creative With Spackle

Manifestation Pillows

Create Your Own Stories

The Infinite Wonders of Inchie Art

Gesso Experimentation & Creating Your Own Coloring Pages

Step by Step Intuitive Acrylic Painting (example, example and example)

Simple Ways to Get in Touch With Your Creative Side

Art Therapy

As  a former patient, I know the healing power of art.  My goal is to help others express themselves creatively to find their voice in difficult times and to recover their sense of self in uncertain circumstances.  With fun, tactile materials and open-ended ideas, I aim to inspire others with tools that enabled me to keep my spirit alive while doctors kept up my physical health.

You can view a sample Art Therapy event proposal here: Art Therapy Event Proposal



Mixed Media Fun

With some easy and fun mixed media secrets, I’ll show you how to create altered art that’s uniquely you!  Find your “a-ha” moment in artistic process, and live your heART!



Groups of all ages

Private Workshops


See an image on my gallery?  Let me know what you like and this self-taught artist will teach you her-self…to find your own creative voice within your self.  View all four of my galleries here!

You can also participate in Amy’s motivational and interactive workshops.  Find out more about these here.

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