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Everyone has a story.  After Amy’s was featured on TODAY with Kathie Lee and Hoda, she was inspired to bring hers to the NYC stage in 2012.  Ever since, Amy hope to bring out the stories that unite us all.

“One part moving testament to human indomitability, the other a thoroughly satisfying evening of song. While each element is strong enough to stand on its own, combined they illuminate and enhance each other. Rarely have I seen narration and song so artfully meshed, and Oestreicher’s likeability, good humor, interpretive skill, and manifest commitment to what she is saying and singing make us not only understand her story, but also feel it on a very deep level.”
-Roy Sander, critic for (more press quotes here)

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Body Image and Physical Limitations

Accepting the Body Through Yoga

Body Image and Wedding Dress Shopping after 27 Surgeries

PTSD and Coping Strategies

Learning to Love Yourself When Everything Changes

PTSD: The Illness I Couldn’t See

Mental Health Awareness Week

Sexual Abuse and PTSD

Hear Amy speak about domestic violence and sexual abuse on Triumphant Talk

Healing from Numbness – A Sexual Assault Piece

From Frozen to Free – Healing from PTSD

Creativity as a healing mindset and survival tool

Art Therapy in Recovery for Addiction and Mental Health 

How Creativity Saved My Life – for The 296 Project (advocating for expressive therapies for trauma/PTSD military veterans)

Why Creativity Is The Only Mindset You’ll Ever Need

Turning Adversity Into Creative Growth

How Art Helped Me Find My Identity

Music Therapy and Composing Through A Coma

Drama and Writing Therapy (The healing process of creating Gutless & Grateful)

Mental Health, Physical Health and Cognitive Reframing

Discovering Hope in the ICU – for On Being, the Peabody Award winning podcast with Krista Tippett

My Messy Beautiful Detour 

Learning to Cope with Everyday Life (tools)

The Art of Life is Improvisation 

27 Lessons in Positivity I Learned from 27 Surgeries

Turn Your Life Into The Best Story You’ve Ever Read

10 Inspiring Ways to Keep Hope Alive

Making Things Happen (turning obstacles into opportunity)

My reflections on starting college at 25 for Huffington Post

How Losing My Stomach Made Me Hungry For Life

Inspiring Women in Business Profile

Making Things Happen:  Millennial Mindset

How to Love Bad Luck

How to Balance Life, Work and Creativity

Advocacy Campaigns to Participate In or Share Your Story

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Why I’m not Average for Hope to Cures  #ImNotAverage


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